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Justin Timberlake in hot water over illegal selfie

The pop singer could be in trouble after taking a photo while voting
Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake could reportedly be facing legal action after posting a selfie while casting his vote in a ballot box on Monday.

The Hillary Clinton supporter has been very public with his voting advocacy, and even flew from California to Tennessee in order to vote early.

He posted the photo to Instagram, noting that if he could make that effort, then there are: “No excuses, my good people!”


While the selfie was posted to encourage the public to vote, the laws in Tennessee ban voters from taking photographs or video while inside a polling location, and violating this law could carry a fine of up to US$50 or a sentence of “up to 30 days”, according to People.

“The Shelby County DA’s Office was made aware of a possible violation of state election law,” a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office told People in a statement when asked about Timberlake’s photo.

However, the spokesperson later told TMZthat the matter was not under review as no official complaints had been laid.

An official from the board that controls Justin’s polling place said the star should not be prosecuted, but instead applauded, for championing voting, reports TMZ.

Tennessee Secretary of State spokesman Adam Ghassemi says officials are “thrilled Justin can’t stop the feeling” but reminded voters to use their phones inside polling locations only to help them vote.

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