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Julie Andrews reveals the Mary Poppins stunt that could've killed her

She's one of the most iconic actresses of our time, but Julie Andrews' life was almost cut short during one of her most infamous scenes.

Julie Andrews made a name for herself in films such as Mary Poppins, but now the actress has revealed that the role could have killed her, after a stunt went wrong during a famous scene.
The stunt involved Julie, 81, flying through the air on a harness attached to wires, while holding an umbrella.
“There was a very dangerous day right at the end of filming when I was in this excruciatingly painful harness,” Andrews told The Late Show. “And I was hanging around up there for the longest time with the umbrella.”
“I thought I felt the wire leave [and] drop about six inches. I was nervous," explained Andrews.
“So, I called down and I said, ‘Excuse me, when you do let me down, could you let me down really gently, because I felt myself slip and I just don’t feel too safe up here.’”
But Julie wasn't let down gently at all. As she was lowered, she crashed to the stage.
“I plummeted to the stage,” Andrews said. “And there was an awful silence for a minute and I did let fly with a few Anglo-Saxon four letter words, I have to admit.”
Luckily, Julie was unharmed, but it could have been a very different story.
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