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Keeping it real: Jennifer Garner charms us all by showing off her ripped underwear, junk drawer and ‘carrot pants’

We love her for it!

Don’t you love it when Hollywood stars remind us they’re just like us, ripped underwear and all.

This week Jennifer Garner, known for being one of the more down-to-earth red carpet actresses, won our hearts all over again when she posted an embarrassing pic of herself on Instagram wearing old, ripped knickers.

The mother of three had taken up the “10-Year Challenge” that’s doing the rounds on Instagram and Facebook at the moment by posting a photo of herself from 2009 alongside one from 2019.

In the 2009 shot you can see that her underwear, which sit above the top of her jeans, has clearly seen better days.

‘Big girl panties’ she jokingly hash tagged the post – and her fans loved it!

“This is why I love you!,” gushed one. “You’re so normal! This happens to the very best of us!”

“Me too!! One last wear and you don’t have to wash them,” quipped another.

“This.. made my day!!” said a third.

Jennifer Garner is refreshingly honest about the realities of everyday life. In another recent Instagram post she shared a video showing just how out of control her junk drawer (come on, we all have them!) had become.

“Is this a rain bonnet?” she asks as she ties it under her chin. “Silk and mist – why do I have it?,” she questions the person behind the phone camera.

The mother of three and former wife of Ben Affleck has also endeared herself to her fans with a post showing off the “carrot pants” she found in her veggie garden.

“If the world loves an egg… wait until you catch a gander of my carrot pants,” she quipped.

She is, of course, referring to the Instagram post of the egg that broke Kylie Jenner’s record for the highest number of likes for an Instagram post.

It’s great to see her enjoying the lighter side of life after a hardgoing few years.

In 2017 Jennifer and Ben filed for divorce, after separating in 2015, but throughout those years Jennifer remained a constant source of support to her ex-husband, who battles an alcohol addiction.

Last year Jennifer reportedly staged an intervention and Affleck entered rehab. This was not the first time he has spent time in rehab.

Since divorcing the couple have continued to co-parent their three children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Jennifer now has a new love, John Miller, who she seems to have found real happiness with. The couple have been dating for around eight months.

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