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James Rolleston: “If I have learned anything, it’s to treasure life.”

The Boy actor is on the path to recovery.
James Rolleston and Cliff Curtis

Rolleston with his friend, and mentor, Cliff Curtis. Photo: Getty Images

James Rolleston, who is slowly recovering from a serious car accident he had earlier this year, is now facing intensive rehabilitation to heal from his injuries.

The star was critically injured after a car he was driving with friend Kaleb Maxwell hit a bridge near Opotiki in July.

While the young actor spent three weeks in intensive care following the accident, a slow recovery since his release from hospital has meant he’s only been seen out in public once.

James was recently spotted on the set of the Jason Statham shark movie Meg after friend, and mentor, Cliff Curtis took him on an outing to meet the cast and crew.


James’ grandmother Christina told NZME the young actor’s visit to the set was important in helping him “get back on track again”.

“Part of James’ rehabilitation is keeping his focus on his career – we don’t want depression to set in or anything like that.

“It’s important for his wellbeing he is able to go on set and be with his acting friends”.

This week the star of Boy and The Dark Horse will start an intensive rehabilitation programme in Auckland.

Although James is well on the path to healing from his injuries, the accident has left him with a slight limp, NZME reports.

At the rehabilitation centre he will do physiotherapy, swimming and speech therapy

“His speech is good,” his grandmother said, “but not good enough to be in front of the camera yet but he has a strong inner drive so he’ll make it.

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“He said to me, ‘Nan, if I have learned anything, it’s to treasure life. It’s a gift’.”

James stars in the yet-to-be released remake of the Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie alongside Dean O’Gorman and Ashleigh Cummins.

Pork Pie is expected to be released in February 2017.

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