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Jackie Clarke, Urzila Carlson and Jacquie Nairn think pink for breast cancer

It’s Pink Ribbon breakfast month and these three kiwi stars want to encourage you to join them in supporting a cause close to their hearts.
Jackie Clarke, Urzilla Carlson, Jacquie Nairn breast cancer

Urzila Carlson

She may be a comedienne but 7 Days star Urzila knows the seriousness of a cancer diagnosis. She beat kidney cancer at just 20 years old and has since watched family members suffer from breast cancer.

“In my wife’s family, there are a few who have had breast cancer – her aunty died of it – so it’s important I support this cause and encourage women to look for early signs,” she says. “I’ve got a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and two boobs – I think it’s important to get some more money, research and funding so in the future it becomes a non-issue!”

Urzila is holding a Pink Ribbon breakfast for her friends and family this month, and says it’s a great opportunity to make sure everyone is looking after their health and doing regular breast checks.

“A lot of women don’t listen to their bodies – we don’t want to annoy the doctors or waste anyone’s time. Instead we go, ‘Oh, I’m sure everything’s fine’ and then it’s not! You have to check yourself or get someone else to do it for you!”

Urzilla Carlson knows how serious breast cancer can be.

Jackie Clarke

The Lady Killers singer has been a breast cancer awareness ambassador for many years and likes to approach the subject of breast health with a little dose of humour.

“Look,” she says. “I think on an asinine level, it’s a cause I support because my boobs have always been a big part of who I am as a performer. I’m always getting the girls out there, so I like the idea that it can start a conversation that may be a bit uncomfortable for some people at the time, but if one of them goes home and books a mammogram or does a self-check, then it’s worth it.”

Jackie, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, says she loves supporting women and thinks a Pink Ribbon breakfast is the perfect opportunity to show the women in your life that you care about them.

“I really like seeing girls looking after each other, we should all have each other’s backs. I think that this is the perfect time and way to do exactly that!”

Jackie Clarke has been an ambassador for breast cancer awareness for years.

Jacquie Nairn

The well-known actress, who played Wendy Cooper on Shortland Street for six years, is right behind the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation – and it all started with a sweaty face and pimple.

When the “no make-up selfie” craze made its way to New Zealand from the UK, Jacquie got fired up. The idea was for women to take a photo sans make-up, share it on Facebook and donate to breast cancer research. Kiwis were taking part – but without the donation.

“People were missing the point – it wasn’t about looking good with no make-up, it was about raising money for charity! As I was leaving a Bikram yoga class, I took a photo of my sweaty face, pimple and all, and asked people to donate to the NZBCF.”

Now an ambassador for the foundation, Jacquie held a breakfast for the cause last year and is working out when she can hold her next one.

*For more information on how to hold your own Pink Ribbon Breakfast, click here

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