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J-Lo’s meltdown after split from Casper Smart

If there was an award for the best meltdown cover-up, it would definitely go to J-Lo.
Jennifer Lopez

The 44-year-old has somehow managed to keep it all together since her very public and very humiliating breakup from Casper Smart.

But as Woman’s Day discovered, sometimes looks can be deceiving.

The Latina beauty is said to have broken down when she discovered her toyboy’s infidelity with transgender model, Sofie Vissa.

A close friend of the popstar said that a near inconsolable Jennifer felt betrayed by Casper and that she had a complete meltdown once she found out he had basically been cheating on her.

“She started throwing framed photos of Casper against the wall — there was broken glass everywhere, and the maid had to clean up after her. It was a crazy scene,” the pal revealed.

Jennifer and Casper, 27, had been dating for three years before he began swapping near-naked pictures with Sofie, 23, after discovering her online.

Last month, Sofie exclusively opened up to Woman’s Day about her sexy secret picture exchanges and intimate conversations with the dancer.

We’ve since heard that Jennifer has been spending time with Dancing With the Stars stud, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but is still very much broken hearted and is really trying to get over the whole ordeal.

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