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Inspired by: Caralee Caldwell

The Kiwi food blogger and author of Real Food Pledge shares her favourite things and tips for winter food
Caralee Caldwell of Real Food Pledge

My little green go-to… is Zucchini – one of my favourite veges. It’s fantastic steamed in ribbons, grilled, sliced, or raw in salads or as zucchini noodles with a great home-made sauce.

My favourite travel destination for food… has to be Thailand for the healthy and inexpensive street food, markets, salads and fresh seafood. Yum!

I go through phases of which type of cuisine I like to cook but currently I’m loving Mexican flavours with splashes of coriander and lime.

The biggest misconception about real food is… that it’s difficult and costly. It’s just a mind shift; you just have to shop differently and swap processed food for real food. The cost is only a shift of expense.

My secrets for wellbeing… are having a positive outlook; don’t stress the small stuff as most things can be fixed. Having supportive people around you, regular exercise and taking time out for yourself.

In terms of beauty, I love MAC matte lippy and also a good scrub, both for face and body.

One of the chefs I most admire is… Jamie Oliver; he’s doing amazing things towards healthy living, especially for kids. Closer to home, I grew up cooking out of Alison Holst cookbooks. All my basic learnings came from her and my parents.

Underrated ingredients we should use more of… Apples are taken for granted because they are widely available but they’re seriously good for so many things – as a snack, made into amazing desserts, added to salads, as side sauces for roasts… I also love whole roasted apples with pork.

My staples for winter are… fresh ingredients for soups like pumpkin, and winter veges. Plus meats to make easy, slow cooked meals in the crock pot. My go-to meal when I’m short on time is lettuce cup tacos.

If I’ve thought ahead, there’ll be a crock pot full of Mexican mince cooking all day and then the family can just load their own tacos for a quick meal.

Words by: Emma Clifton

Photos: Thinkstock, Getty Images and Supplied

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