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Inspired by: Alex Carson

Alex Carson is living the dancer’s dream: she was hand-picked to be in Janet Jackson’s world tour and she’s currently on our screens in the Kiwi smash hit Born to Dance.
Pro dancer Alex Carson

Dance inspiration… I think Michael Jackson’s Thriller will always be one of the most iconic music videos – from concept, to costuming, makeup and of course that dance break. Janet’s Rhythm Nation and Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks are also iconic for me.

Star turn in Born to Dance It was always a secret dream of mine to be an actress. However, those aspirations dwindled once the dancing started. Born to Dance was a really cool way to bring the two dreams together. The filming process was an awesome experience. All crews were able to grow quite a strong bond and it definitely created a lot of new opportunities for dancers in New Zealand.

On the road… I’ve been blessed enough to travel quite a bit. My favourite destination to unwind is Bali. I also love the bustle of London… and the shopping! My next top three destinations would be Japan, New York and Peru. Thankfully through this tour I’ll get to Japan and New York. Hopefully one day I’ll make the trek to see Machu Picchu.

The audition process for the Janet Jackson world tour… It was crazy! In the last callback we learned four routines. The audition went for six hours with very few breaks. But when you’re dancing in a room in front of Janet Jackson you find a way to push through! Janet is amazing. Truly one of a kind and so inspiring to work for. There is no ego; she works tirelessly, is always by our side in the studio, and generous beyond words. You want to work hard for her. And it is an honour to be among such a strong group of females.

Kept on her toes… I like to go to the gym most mornings. I also love bike riding and dabble in yoga when I can. In preparation for the tour I was dancing full-time for 8-9 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. But the most vital way to look after mental and physical health is to know when to rest. Of course it’s important to push yourself to become better, fitter and stronger. However, I’ve learned the value of a good sleep!

Free style… I take a lot of style inspiration from social media. I follow brands and designers and take a lot from the travelling I get to do. I have quite an eclectic style and am inspired by people like Rihanna, CL (2NE1), FKA Twigs, Yan Yan Chan, and Margaret Zhang. Having worked with the Topshop brand for the past four years in both Australia and New Zealand, that’s where the majority of my shopping occurs. I’m also

a huge fan of 90s fashion, so op-shops are always on the cards.

Top three beauty must-haves… I’m not really one to deck myself out in makeup. However, my top products would be my bronzer by Benefit, Glow by Topshop and any good mascara!

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