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Inspired by: Aidee Walker

The 34-year-old actor, director and charity ambassador has a passion for travel, languages and red lippy.
Step Dave's Aidee Walker

Top of my bucket list is… It was Machu Picchu, then I did that last year. Then Cuba and Mexico City but I’m going this year. Next up would be maybe… the Bolivian salt lakes, the Solentiname Islands in Nicaragua, and Hamilton (to see my parents).

The website I can’t resist checking is… UpWorthy or Impolitikal or IndieWire.

I envy… Europeans who grow up speaking three languages like it’s no big deal.

My favourite day of the week… I don’t really have weekends like most people because I’ve never worked nine to five. I like Thursday though, because people are getting excited about Friday, but they haven’t completely given up on the week yet.

If I was brave enough… I would pack up, relocate to a small town in Latin America and become fluent in Spanish.

In my handbag right now… Grocery receipts that I really need to bin.

The person whose work I most admire is… Jill Soloway and her TV show Transparent. Gaby Hoffmann as an actress. I also really admire Claire Danes actually.

My hidden talent… I drum. That’s a lie. I used to drum when I was a teenager and in my early 20s in bands. I really should get back into it.

My go-to party outfit is… Red lippy. I have this particular one that’s been with me so long it can’t still be hygienic.

My advice to my younger self… Learn another language while your brain is young and doesn’t have to work so hard to absorb and remember things.

My one desert island luxury… Maybe just sunscreen and Chapstick?

The best thing not yet invented… Fast internet at Bethells Beach in Auckland.

My favourite accessory is… My watch. Yes, I still wear a watch.

My most cringe-worthy moment… Just any bad audition where I know I am doing a terrible job and I should just leave the room and make it easier on everyone.

Most of my time is taken up by… Writing or thinking about writing, and worrying that I think about making up stories too much and not being inside my own life.

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