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Hugh Hefner’s will has a major clause that could leave his kids penniless

It's pretty surprising given his reputation as a raging hedonist.
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Despite Hugh Hefner’s reputation as a hedonist, pipe-smoking leader of the sexual revolution, he isn’t impressed by the party scene and if his kids or wife indulge too heavily, they’ll lose their money.

His beneficiaries – widow Crystal daughter Christie and sons David, Marston and Cooper – will be blocked from getting any cash if they abuse drugs or alcohol, documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight reveal.

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The kids can say goodbye to the money “if the trustees reasonably believe that … [the beneficiary] routinely or frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance so as to be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use or consumption of alcohol or any other legal drug or chemical substance that is not prescribed by a board certified medical doctor or psychiatrist in a current program of treatment supervised by such doctor or psychiatrist.”

The trust can even request a drug test if they suspect Hefner’s beneficiaries are partying too hard.

If their cash flow is blocked though, it’s not necessarily forever.

The trust also states that funds may be distributed once “examinations indicate no such use for 12 months” and when the “trustee[s] in their discretion determine that the beneficiary is able to care for himself or herself.”

Despite his wife Crystal signing an ironclad pre-nup meant to leave her with nothing, she seems to be doing alright.

The 31-year-old is believed to have been bequeathed $12 million — including $5 million in cash and a four-bedroom home in Los Angeles, worth $7 million.

The original Playboy passed away aged 91, suffering cardiac arrest and respiratory failure after battling blood poisoning and E. coli.

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