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Hayley Holt reveals her passion for politics

The star tells us why she's going green!
Hayley Holt

She’s a glamorous TV presenter, a professional dancer and a former skateboarding champ, but Hayley Holt is risking her multi-faceted career by putting her weight behind the Green Party.

In the latest issue of Woman’s Day, former MP Pam Corkery talks to the Crowd Goes Wild star to discover that Hayley has turned over a new leaf by pursuing a career in politics.

Watch Hayley behind-the-scenes at our shoot in the video below. Story continues below.

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Taking up a position with the environmentally-minded political group has meant she’s had to step away from some of her TV work, but as she wades into the political arena, the 36-year-old insists, “I’ve never really been afraid of risk. In a way, I’m always emboldened by that kind of talk.”

Speaking of her privileged upbringing and education, and her hope to be “openly campaigning for the next election”, she adds, “I have had so much opportunity, so I can’t just rest on my laurels and be all about myself. That wouldn’t make me happy.”

Read all about Hayley’s new political ambitions, her journey to sobriety and her struggles with bullying in the new issue of Woman’s Day.

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