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Guy Ritchie wants Madonna to pay his legal fees

Adding insult to injury, reports claim Guy Ritchie has now requested Madonna pay his legal fees for their battle over teen son Rocco
Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Sources say Madonna and Guy's teenage son has strayed.

The Mail on Sunday reports that Guy’s lawyers sent Madonna a letter with their request, but the pop star has vowed not to pay a cent to the man who fought her bitterly over custody of Rocco.

“It’s a lawsuit Guy instigated and now wants Madonna to pay,” a source told the publication.

“Madonna says she gave him 50 million and an estate in Wiltshire when they divorced and she thinks that is quite enough. She can’t believe he is cheeky enough to ask her for the money.

“It is simply illogical to expect her to pay towards lawyers who want to have her son taken away from her,” the source added.

Rocco with his father, brother David Banda and stepmum Jacqui Ainsley. Photo: Getty

The former couple have been at war over their son Rocco’s living arrangements since December, when the 15-year-old abruptly left his mother’s Rebel Heart world tour to live with his film director father in London.

Since then Madonna’s efforts to have Rocco returned to her have been unsuccessful, including an application she made under the Hague Convention, which deals with the matter of child abduction.

In London’s High Court earlier this month, Justice Alistair MacDonald issued a stern warning to Guy and Madonna over their public custody battle, echoing similar comments made by a New York judge connected to the case.

“It would be my fervent hope that discussions between the parties can reach an amicable resolution,” he said, calling the legal battle “highly unfortunate and deeply regrettable” – especially for their young son.

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The courtroom drama seems to have taken its toll on Madonna, who has been persevering with her world tour while the legal battle continues. Images of Rocco have appeared as the backdrop to the stage on several occasions throughout her shows, and her seemingly erratic behaviour on stage had fans wondering whether Madonna was performing drunk.

During the New Zealand leg of her tour, Madonna reportedly burst into tears, telling the crowd, “There is no love stronger than a mother for her son. If I talk about him too much I might cry.”

At her most recent show in Melbourne, the singer made an emotional appearance on stage, reportedly slamming Guy as a “son of a b—h” and pleading with the crowd: “Somebody take care of me please. Who is going to take care of me?”

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