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The Bachelor NZ’s Gab Davenport dishes on saying goodbye to Jordan

After being eliminated from the show last night, Gab Davenport reveals what's next in her search for Mr Right
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Jordan Mauger might’ve had a tough time choosing who would get his final rose last night, but freshly-eliminated bachelorette Gab Davenport says she’s at peace with his decision.

“Nothing really went wrong for Jordan and I – he’s a great guy and we always had such a good time in each other’s company, but we aren’t right for each other, and that’s OK.

“I could beat myself up about why I wasn’t chosen, but what’s the point? Don’t get me wrong I went into that cocktail party wanting a rose, and wanting to take our connection to the next level, but at the same time I’d gone into the show with my eyes wide open, and I was always prepared that would happen too.”

After an emotional rose ceremony, marketing manager Gab was the latest bachelorette to say goodbye to Jordan this week.

Today’s the first day the marketing manager has been able to speak about her Bachelor experience. Although her elimination screened on TV3 last night, in reality it was filmed more than two months ago.

“It was a weird thing to watch and relive all those emotions,” Gab says of the episode, which also gave her an insight into how Jordan was feeling. “When he says ‘see ya’ on TV it really is goodbye. That’s the least you hear of him, it’s strangely final.

“It took me a while to get back into real life, for days I would keep checking for my mic. But talking about it all has been a big relief and very therapeutic.”

From personal growth to lifelong friends, Gab says there have been plenty of “silver linings” to her experience – but best of all she’s ready and raring to find her new man.

“I took a chance on Jordan, he’s not my usual type – but that hasn’t worked out for me in the past so …

“I’m just looking for the right guy to sweep me off my feet.”

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