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What motivates Eve Palmer

When she’s not co-hosting The Adam and Eve Show, Eve Palmer is ticking items off her bucket list, like jumping out of a plane and working out how to date Harry Styles.
Eve Palmer shortland street

She comes from a showbiz family – sister Grace Palmer plays Lucy Rickman on Shortland Street and step-dad Jason Gunn is a well-known TV and radio personality. But Eve Palmer is making her own way in the world, hosting the popular The Adam and Eve Show on TV2, weekday afternoons.

We go inside the talented presenter’s world to find out just what motivates her every day.

Staying fit for her day job

I absolutely love my job so I want to give 100 per cent and that’s my main motivation for exercising and eating healthily; I see it as filling myself up so I have more to give. I like a varied exercise regime so I go to gym classes, horse ride, swim, run, do yoga, go for long walks, occasionally bike to work, lose at tennis to my 12-year-old brother, anything active. I can’t believe some of the things we get to do in the name of work. Getting to go to Malawi with World Vision to promote the 40 Hour Famine was a pretty crazy experience and one of the highlights of my life.

The bucket list

Jumping out of a plane had been on the bucket list for a while. There’s a long list on there, places I want to visit and people I’d love to interview or meet. Harry Styles… if you’re reading this…

Beauty must-haves

Coconut oil: I got my brows waxed a few months ago and the beautician accidentally burnt my face – it was pretty funny, I wish I had a photo to show you but I was too embarrassed at the time. Anyway I think I’d have had permanent scars if it weren’t for coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a must-have for Eve.

Getting active

I love extreme sports; rollerblading, boogie boarding… When I’m feeling less adventurous, I love gasbagging with the girls while we climb a hill, eating Dad’s [Jason Gunn] home cooking, swimming in the ocean, and laughing; working with Adam is the reason I have any abs. Not many, but some. Okay, one.

Good morning

I start the day either by getting up for my 5.30am alarm and going to a gym class, or hitting the snooze button and sleeping for an extra hour. What is consistent in my morning routine is I mentally list what I’m feeling grateful for; could be my job, or my legs, or my family, or just the fact I’m alive at the same time as Harry Styles.

Favourite Instagram accounts

Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham and Sofia Vergara crack me up. Humans of New York is interesting and beautiful. Little Bird Organics reminds me eating healthily can be delicious.

Sometimes, Eve just wants some chocolate ice-cream and an episode of Shortland Street.

What wellbeing means

It means being happy in my soul. You can eat all the right things, do all the best workouts and be an unhealthy person, simply by having a negative attitude. Likewise, sitting on the couch and watching Shortland Street with a tub of chocolate ice cream can be a healthy choice, if that’s what you need at the time (and provided the tub is smaller than your head. I obviously made this rule up. Please show a photo of my unusually large forehead here).

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