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Ed Sheeran awarded honorary degree

The ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer is officially a doctor!
Ed Sheeran

He’s conquered the music charts, counts Taylor Swift as one of his close pals and recently performed at Ronan Keating’s wedding, and now Ed Sheeran can add another milestone moment to the list: graduation!

The 24-year-old musician suited up in full formal regalia yesterday to receive an honorary degree recognising his contribution to music from University Campus Suffolk (UCS) in Ipswich, England. The degree means Ed is now officially a doctor, and a member of the UCS Alumni Association.

Clearly chuffed to have received such an honour, Ed took to Instagram (and later, Twitter) to gush about the special day.

“I wasn’t joking, I am actually a doctor now, that’s how mad this world is,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ed shared this photo on Instagram.

At the ceremony, Ed addressed the graduating students and shared a few personal words of wisdom with the crowd, despite a confession that he wasn’t exactly the “poster boy for education”.

“The only advice I could give to anyone graduating today, there’s a very wide range of people, ages and from different place, is that there is no key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone else so try to please yourself and make yourself happy,” he said.

“Choose something you love and work really hard and you’ll be surprised at how far you get because as I said I didn’t expect to be here, my dreams, I achieved my dream about 5 years ago so this is all a bit odd. Thank you for letting me share in such an important day for you and congratulations.”

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