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Dumped Bachelorette’s boyfriend pens scathing letter to Jordan Mauger

Richard Wood has taken a stand on behalf of his girlfriend Fleur Verhoeven, accusing Jordan Mauger of "behaving in a very selfish way".
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In the wake of former Bachelor Jordan Mauger’s shocking comments about how he picked the winner of his season, Fleur Verhoeven’s long-time love, Richard Wood, has stepped forward to defend his girlfriend and slam Jordan for his actions post-show.

Penning an open letter denouncing Jordan’s behaviour as “selfish” and lacking “self-respect and respect for others”, the photographer writes that Jordan’s talk of “flipping a coin” to decide between Fleur and runner-up Nazanin Khanjani should have been kept to himself and was “not for the public”.

“And again I see him stating humiliating things which affect more than just one ‘girl’, in the name of selfishly trying to climb his own ladder again,” he writes.

“I would suggest to Mauger, that he move on with his life and put his bitterness to rest. The rest of the contestants from whom I’ve met, have done, are living positive lives and are fantastic to be around.”

Richard, who has been loved-up with Fleur for the past 11 months, has shared the entirety of his letter on his own website. The full text can also be found below.

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To Whom It May Concern,

It is with caution that I write this, as after almost 11 months of dealing and responding to media Fleur and myself have learnt very quickly and also sometimes the hard way about how certain companies/media avenues can twist and edit our words for dramatic effect. Sometimes rendering them left from the truth, or open to reinterpretation. Therefore the entirety of this letter will also be available to anyone at the following link: https://richardwoodthoughts.wordpress.com and would respectfully request that this link be made available to any readers, if words I’ve written here be used. Its entirety will also be available to the public across multiple social media platforms as to keep its integrity.

I’ve witnessed articles coming through the media of late reporting on Jordan’s new statements about the Bachelor Series Two and of others involved. I read some avoidance of ownership in his words when I see ‘titles’ such as “the girl” being used over and over, which most can and will read, as speaking about Fleur Verhoeven. I couldn’t imagine any of the girls let alone Fleur referring to Jordan to the media in a disrespectful manner as “the boy”.

I’ve respected and warmed more and more to Fleur as she holds her tongue. A trait many in New Zealand witnessed along with her genuine spirit. She/we have only spoken to trusted sources that we’ve made friends with only when required. Fleur has always been quick to respond to those media sources that at the time are ‘drama hungry’ with “no comment” or a light hearted sentence incapable of damage to anybody. Fleur has not been fame hungry and kept away from the limelight, apart from possibly a couple of occasions where projects were accepted because they sounded positive and fun to be a part of.

Whilst Fleur has I’m sure, had much she could say about people involved in the show and Mauger, she has never stepped over any lines. She’s been responsible and held up the positive rather than stepping out over other peoples’ feet for her own sake. Not to create more drama out of something which has already had its own serving of.

Sadly however I’m now seeing Jordan ‘spilling’ stories to the media for the last few days, which are done in a manner which lack respect for others and without care to anybody apart from himself.

As partner to Fleur for the past 11 months, we have done a lot together. We live in the same home, we’ve travelled throughout the country many times over, experienced L.A and Mexico and are undergoing many projects together. Therefore I see fit and right to actually make a stand for Fleur. Whilst Fleur would more likely roll her eyes on the recent events, laugh and spit out a couple of hard hitting facts in private, she is not one to jump up and down about it in a tantrum which is exactly how I would describe the behavior which is going on right now. Hearing comments such as “They’re too young. They’re far too f… young.” surprises me as I watch Mauger currently behave in a way which I perceive as having much younger emotional maturity.

Mauger states “It was not a surprise to the network, the production or the girl what was happening. But they made it out to be.” I find this statement interesting as spokespeople and “the girl” have said they were not aware of this. Of course Fleur and Jordan were not ‘in love’ and the show really only produces a vehicle which basically introduces two people via several ‘dates’. However if Jordan saw no future nor feelings for any of the woman involved “The perfect bachelor couldn’t tell both the women who had fought it out to win his heart that he wasn’t interested in either of them. And so, Mauger said that on-screen he had to “be unreal”. I can’t help but remind myself of the times he did still decide to encourage girls for overnight stays not only during the filming of the show, but also on a getaway trip for several nights after the main shows [Fleur]. If these truly were his feelings and had no intent with any contestants, it would suggest to me that again he was thinking of himself only. Selfishly considering far from the damaging repercussions and the spirit of others who might be affected.

Jordan may state he came across as “a dick” on television, but unfortunately I saw that title coming into effect with his shallow actions nearing the end and after the show. No amount of so called production engineering or editing could have saved him there. From my stand point Mauger’s motives, self-respect and respect for others were all extremely shallow. He behaved in a very selfish way without much consideration to others. I believe Mauger publicly humiliated Fleur rather than take on humiliation himself derived from his own decisions. THAT is possibly why the New Zealand public turned on him. In the end however, it looks like the snake turned around and bit him anyway.

Now for the last few days I’ve seen news sites and media allow him to cry about it like he’s been treated unfairly. In my opinion Mauger dug his own hole and also bit the hands willing to feed him.

Mauger states that “no one from The Bachelor NZ had been in touch to check on his welfare after the series had finished”. My question to Mauger would be “and did you check in on anyone also going through stress after the show?”

I do remember, no matter how Fleur felt… respectfully and publically requesting that people leave Mauger and his family alone and stop the bullying after the show.

And again I see him stating humiliating things which affect more than just one ‘girl’, in the name of selfishly trying to climb his own ladder again. “Flipping a coin”… some things are for yourself and not for the public. Again humiliating other people to in turn hopefully help yourself. Whilst we should often not be quick to judge, I’m witnessing this selfish behavior again. Therefore leading me to what I would call more of an educated conclusion to his manner rather than a quick judgement.

I would suggest to Mauger, that he move on with his life and put his bitterness to rest. The rest of the contestants from whom I’ve met, have done, are living positive lives and are fantastic to be around. Also stop and think occasionally how self-centered strategies may affect others that deserve a little more respect.

Mauger stated that he has had absolutely “nothing” in terms of post-show ‘perks’. The receiving of ‘perks’ generally isn’t as great as many perceive (unless that is your drive and focus). The ‘perks’ that HAVE been received however mostly consist of invaluable friendships made with some wonderful and positive people both inside and out of both the show and Mediaworks. You put positive out there, you tend to get it back. I do look forward to Fleur’s ring going up for auction however. I hope it does well as she deserves something from having to deal with the bitchiness and tantrums which seem to have gone back and forth for too long.

Personally, I hold a lot of thanks to the New Zealand public which have been so supportive and loving. I know I’m with someone great when strangers on the street young and old walk up and throw their arms around Fleur for a hug. And I can honestly say that Fleur is exactly like she was on that show every day and I feel like a lucky man.


Richard Wood.

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