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Drew Barrymore and her adorable daughter make their red carpet debut

Three-year-old Frankie is the spitting image of her famous mum!
Drew barrymore frankie barrymore

For a minute we thought (E.T.* had some strange magical power that made you not age a day.

You’ll be able to forgive us for mistaking Frankie for her mum’s, iconic role as the chubby-cheeked cherub Gertie from Steven Spielberg cult classic film.

On March 7, Drew took her mini-me to the 2017 Society of MSK’s Bunny Hop bash in New York City.

Hand-in-hand with her famous mummy, they hopped their way down to the event, making this the three-year-old’s very first red carpet event.

The tot looked adorable in a floral patterned dress, a fluffy light grey coat, white tights and silver Mary Jane shoes.

The outfit was completed with the world’s cutest pink bow that scooped up Frankie’s blonde locks, teamed up with that signature Barrymore smile.

Sweet Frankie is so much like her mum during her E.T. days

Say cheese! It’s the three-year-old’s very first red carpet.

Drew was just seven when she starred in her godfather’s movie.

Frankie checks out her new friend.

Meanwhile, mum Drew tapped into her inner flower child.

The 42-year-old wore a pretty lace white skirt with a patterned black top. With her locks flowing, she also radiated that smile the world adores!

The mother-daughter duo posed for photos together before hanging out with their furry new friend, the Easter Bunny.

The annual charity event raises funds for paediatrics in NYC.

Drew shares Frankie and her eldest daughter, four year old Olive, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman.

The kids have remained relatively out of the spotlight and enjoyed a grounded upbringing – a far cry from Drew’s childhood.

In her memoir Wildflower, Drew penned, “My life was not normal. I was not a kid in school with normal circumstances. There something abnormal and I needed some severe shift.”

By the time Drew was 12, she had been in rehab and a year later was institutionalised for drugs and alcohol abuse. Two years later, she was legally emancipated from her parents, Jaid and John Drew Barrymore, and living on her own.

Her childhood has definitely shaped the way she raises Olive and Frankie.

Telling Marie Claire in 2014, “I didn’t really have parents, you know? And therefore the kind of parent I will be is a good, present parent. In a way, maybe that was a detriment to my youth, but it’ll be the biggest asset to my adulthood.”

Drew fast became a household as one of the most famous child stars during the ’80s.

Drew recalls her mum Jaid [pictured] taking her clubbing to Studio 54 when she was just 9 years old.

Drew’s parents divorced when she was 9. In the past she’s reflected that her father, John Drew Barrymore, was a violent alcoholic and “just unavailable.”

While her desire to be a two-parent household is no longer possible after she and Will called time on their three-year-marriage last year.

“Sadly our family is separating legally, although we do not feel this takes away from us being a family,” the pair’s joint statement explained at the time.

“Divorce might make one feel like a failure, but eventually you start to find grace in the idea that life goes on. Our children are our universe and we look forward to living the rest of our lives with them as the first priority.”

The pair are still very active in each other’s lives.

Drew with her two babies.

Drew still has managed to give her kids an incredible upbringing.

“It really is about the tone you set and you can talk until you’re blue in the face but kids watch what you do every single day of your life, all day long, and that behavior and that example and that love and community and honesty is just, I think what’s making everything feel safe for my kids,” she said during a visit on the Ellen show.

“And that’s really the intention I had as a parent, was how do my kids have this incredible sense of like, freedom inside their heart, because they know I’ve got them and their dad’s got them and the [rest of their family].”

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