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Diane Keaton says she ‘doesn’t really have any friends’

The actress made a surprising admission during a chat with Jimmy Kimmel, telling him there's "not one" person she would count as a friend.
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We’ll be friends with you, Diane Keaton!

The A-list actress is one of the most well-liked stars in showbiz, but who ever said every other celeb is her buddy? Certainly not her!

“I don’t really have any friends,” Diane, 71, told host Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Not one.”

Many of Hollywood’s biggest names recently attended Diane’s ceremony where she received the AFI Life Achievement Award, but the Something’s Gotta Give actress made it clear that those people aren’t her pals. “They’ve worked with me,” she told Jimmy.

She went down the list of attendees and made her comments on each individual. “Some are important, you know? Like Meryl Streep!” she said. “That’s an important person.”

Jimmy quipped back, “Is she not your friend, Meryl?” Diane answered, “I love her. But I don’t see her very often. She doesn’t call. But I love her!”

Jimmy proceeded to ask about actress Reese Witherspoon. “You know, I met Reese when she was 14 and I directed her in a TV movie,” Diane remembered. “She was just a kid. There was no question [she’d be a movie star]. Great looking. Great talent.”

Diane told Jimmy that while Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep were both great, she wouldn’t call them her friends.

“And yet still not a friend? Jimmy asked, to which Diane replied, “No, not a friend.”

Forget about women, Diane was hoping more men would be there when she accepted the coveted honor! However, her former flames Woody Allen and Warren Beatty did show up. “Now I’m a single woman,” Diane said of her love life. “I was never married. Nobody ever asked me to marry them. I don’t know why.”

Ever since her recent public appearance, fans have been wondering if she’s related to actor Michael Keaton since they have the same last name. Turns out, they aren’t related one bit — and their real surnames aren’t even Keaton. Is he a friend, though? Jimmy would have to ask Diane that one, but we’re thinking probably not!

Via: Closer Weekly.

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