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Channing Tatum making movie of this dad’s heartbreaking story

The Magic Mike star has found his new project - and it's a real tear-jerker.

Channing Tatum might be best known for his smooth dancing skills, but the Hollywood hunk is tackling a heartbreaking true story for his next role.

The star, who is dad to two-year-old Everly, has signed on as executive producer of the adaptation of Matt Logelin’s tragic love story.

Matt and his wife, Liz, welcomed their first child on March 24, 2008. Madeline was seven weeks early, and Matt excitedly shared the news of her arrival via cesarean on the blog he had been keeping to document their new family.

But just three days later, Matt was a solo father. Liz had died of a blood clot on her way to see her baby for the first time.

The new mum suffered a pulmonary embolism as she was getting into a wheelchair to see Madeline in the neonatal unit. She was 30 years old.

“Doctors and nurses rushed to help her. But nothing could be done to bring her back,” the new dad wrote. “No one to blame. S–tty luck and a pulmonary embolism are what led us to the saddest, most horrific moment of my life.”

As he learnt to cope with life as a new parent, and grieve for his wife, Matt continued to share his life with the world, journaling on the blog titled Matt, Liz and Madeline.

He shared the ups and the downs of the life he created for Madeline, and went on to write a New York Times bestselling book, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love about his experiences.

Now, eight years after Liz’s death, actor Channing will bring the film version of Matt and Madeline’s story to life, working behind the scenes. The Magic Mike star may also star in the tearjerker.

“I’d of course be beyond flattered if the movie ever gets made and if he’d even consider taking on the role of me,” Matt, 38, told Us Weekly.

He also opened up about the challenges he has faced as a single parent.

“It’s hard not having someone to hold your baby when you need to clean vomit from your clothes, but for me, it was even harder to not have someone to share Maddy’s first word, or someone to knowingly squeeze my hand as I cried watching her sing all the lines in her first school performance.”

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