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These celebrities are posting make-up free selfies to show you the reality behind the glitz and glam

Letting their natural beauty shine through!

We’ve seen them all glammed up on the red carpet but it’s always refreshing to see celebs when they haven’t spent hours in the makeup chair. Before a big event, stars might look just like us!

Unbrushed hair, no make-up and maybe even a crease on their cheek from sleeping (or is that just us?), but that all changes once their glam squad enters the frame.

Although some celebs confess to doing their hair or makeup themselves (if you’ve got it, flaunt it we say) but we can’t blame someone for turning to the professionals when it comes times to get red carpet ready.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford celebrated her 50th birthday in 2016 with this stunning selfie. “First day at 50. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday!”

The Queen of natural beauty, Gwyneth Paltrow, snaps a selfie en route to a movie set.

Lady Gaga toasts her fans with this slice of cake and a cheeky selfie.

Adele takes a break with a glass of vino in this moody Insta.

Cameron Diaz posed au natural with her new book.

New mum Olivia Wilde shared this cute photo with her husband and daughter, looking fresh-faced and glowing. How does a sleep-deprived mum look this amazing. No really, how?

Heidi Klum looked stunning on the red carpet (can you believe she is 45?!) but before she got all dolled up she posted this no makeup selfie to her Instagram, thanking her glam squad “Before and after #grammys 💋🎤🎤🎤🎤😃 @lindahaymakeup @wendyiles_hair”

Sofia Vergara shares a “I’m so deep in thought” photo while celebrating the New Year on holiday.

Kim Kardashian, 38, has taken to Instagram Live to show her fans how to achieve her famously flawless contour application — and in case you’re wondering, it takes around 12 minutes and includes nine steps. The result? Stunning. But, the takeaway? The reality star is stunning with or without makeup.

Elsa Pataky, 42, has taken to Instagram to show her unedited and unfiltered self in a stunning new makeup-free photo. The new selfie (L) proves the actress, who’s married to Chris Hemsworth, is a true beauty with or without makeup!

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore look absolutely stunning in this make-up-free selfie. Image via @drewbarrymore Instagram. Read more about Drew’s thoughts on going make-up-free here.

Jennifer Lopez showed the reality of stage life, sharing a video of exactly what she does (and looks like) before the curtain goes up. “So this is what it’s like before the show… I sit here no hair, no make up, no nothing,” Jlo said of her chilled-out look. “Just trying to get mentally prepared, to give you all I have.” In other words, JLO is all of us getting ready for an extended family dinner…

Though we’re used to seeing her all dolled up, Chrissy Teigen proves her natural beauty in this no-makeup Instagram snap. The colourful photo, presumably taken from her and John’s family trip to Bali, shows the model dressed down in nothing but a $1095 Gucci headband.

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