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Celebrities inside the White House

The Obama’s final farewell was a star-studded affair.
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Last week’s final bash thrown by the First Family to say goodbye to the White House was, by all accounts, the party of the year.

Celebrities turned out in droves for the final party, which according to reports, continued long into the night.

Solange and The Roots made an on stage appearance which got everyone on the dance floor. Rumour has it even the President busted some serious moves alongside the likes of Robert De Niro, Common and Usher.

Naturally security at the event meant guests were banned from recording inside the party, but some still managed to get a few sneaky snaps to share with their fans on social media.


If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the White House looks like then check out the video above.

Narrated by the outgoing US President Barrack Obama, the video takes us inside the First Family’s fantastic home.

The President, whose ability to always remain cool headed in any situation marked him out as an exceptional leader, admitted even he’d felt a little overwhelmed.

“The White House is such an icon in American life and around the globe and the notion that you’d be sleeping in a bed inside of it is a little bit intimidating.”

The sumptuous home is decorated with a mix of beautiful antique and modern American furniture, large chandeliers and stunning art. There’s even a peak at the President’s record collection (side note: he has impeccable taste).

Watch the video above for a look inside this incredible home.

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