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Breakfast’s Sam Wallace has the last word

When I’m fit and healthy and eating well, everything else in my life falls into place.
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First hitting the small screen as a presenter on Sticky TV, Sam became New Zealand’s favourite weatherman.

With the announcement he is leaving Breakfast for a new morning radio show The Hits with Toni Street, he shares his wellbeing outlook, and what he likes to do in his down time.


My parents are very humble people who own a successful roofing business. They started it 30 years ago with one spray machine and developed it into a very successful business. They taught me to have a good work ethic and to be grateful, the most important qualities of all. In terms of television role models… I love Anthony Bourdain, Mike Rowe and Jeremy Clarkson.

Fit for life

Wellbeing is everything. You are only as good as you feel. When I’m fit and healthy and eating well, everything else in my life falls into place. Fitness = happiness.

Putting a spin on it

When I was seven I got paid $100 to spin a basketball on my finger for a Pizza Hut commercial. I still have a photocopy of the cheque. But I never really imagined making a living from it. I’m better suited to roofing like my dad. Even now I still get nervous before big MC gigs or even the six o’clock weather shifts on occasion… It’s the longest link in television. You’re live in front of the nation for four minutes and there’s a whole plethora of things that could go wrong and so often do.

When I’m feeling stressed… I know I need to go and exercise.

The reason I get out of bed each morning is… to get to work as quickly as possible, because I’m on air in less than three hours and the country needs to know what to wear.

I feel most comfortable when… with my family and friends.

The piece of advice I’d give my 13-year-old self is… “focus on the things you love because you can actually make a living from it.”

The best trip I ever went on was… to the Bahamas for work. I loved it because covering [freediver] William Trubridge’s world record was an honour. Dean’s Blue Hole was the most amazing place I’ve ever been to and it was an honour to tell stories across both Breakfast and One News.

If I could go on holiday tomorrow, I would… want to go to India and explore everything it has to offer.

Home body

I spend so much time being away for work, my favourite thing to do on the weekend is to stay home! But my favourite spots are Langs Beach, Waipu, Mangawhai or anywhere in the Coromandel. When I get there I sit on my bum. I also love to cook; my signature meal is pork belly with killer crackling. Running a close second is my lamb rack.

I relax by…. exercising, whether it’s playing basketball, lifting weights or boxing. My favourite exercise is boxing. It’s the ultimate in stress relief. Having said that, I’m yet to try anyone hitting me back. But, I am undefeated while fighting both pads and bags. Oh, I’ll also have a cold glass of something from Hallertau if you’re asking.

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