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Bobbi Kristina’s aunt says her niece’s near-drowning was ‘intentional’

Leolah Brown claims Bobbi Kristina's medical crisis is no accident
Bobbi Kristina's near-drowning was intentional

Leolah has previously claimed Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, was under investigation for the incident which saw the 21-year-old placed in a medically induced coma earlier this year.

Now, Leola tells TMZ that Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston “has a lot to do” with Bobbi Kristina’s predicament.

“Whether it be her actual hand, I can’t say that right now. But I hold her accountable for what happened to my niece, Bobbi Kristina, because of what knowledge I have of her,” she said in an interview.

“It was someone’s intention to put [Bobbi Kristina] where she is right now. That I do believe,” she went on.

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown believes the incident was intentional.

In a new twist, Bobbi Kristina’s cousin has now come out in defence of Nick Gordon and believes he has been “exploited”.

In a Facebook post made earlier today, Jerod Brown insisted Nick had “cooperated with the police department” and Brown family members.

“He has given Kristina CPR which is one of the reasons why she is not dead till this day, he has been ridiculed and accused without any concrete evidence yet he still hasn’t gotten the chance to visit his girl,” he wrote.

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