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Blanket Jackson changes his name

Michael Jackson's youngest son has changed his name, according to reports
Blanket Jackson changes his name

13-year-old Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II has decided to go by another name, after reportedly being bullied for years over the unusual moniker he was given as a baby.

According to multiple sources, Michael Jackson’s youngest son has now informally adopted the name ‘Bigi’.

The name change seems to be supported by the youngster’s yearbook photo, which has now surfaced online. The picture shows Blanket’s name listed as ‘Bigi Jackson’ and Radar Online reports the change happened after Blanket became tired of the teasing over his name.

“He always thought that the name Blanket sounded so stupid,” a source told Radar Online.

“When he entered Buckley [School] he told them that his name is Bigi and that is what they call him.”

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