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Angelina Jolie’s in seventh heaven

After her life-saving surgery, actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie makes plans to adopt a girl from Syria.
Angelina Jolie

After undergoing a medical procedure that would bring an end to her child-bearing days last month, Angelina and Brad are showing they’re ready to take on their next stage of life by adopting a daughter.

Following Angelina’s mastectomy in 2013 after learning she carries the BRCA1 gene – giving her an 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance of ovarian cancer – a blood test last month raised further fears for Angelina’s health. The 39-year-old immediately took steps to have the next stage of surgery – removing her ovaries and Fallopian tubes – ending her chances of conceiving and carrying another child.

Angelina made strong bonds with a Syrian family living in Iraq on a trip with Brad in 2009.

Angelina – who lost her own mother to cancer aged 56 – has in the past been firm about making her health a top priority to ensure she can be around to see her children grow up. Now, the couple – who have three biological children, Shiloh (8) and six-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, as well as three adopted children, Cambodia-born Maddox (13), Vietnamese Pax (11) and Ethiopian Zahara (10) – are looking to adopt again.

A business associate says the family have followed the plight of children in Syria closely, with Angelina making six visits to Syrian refugee camps in her role as special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres.

“She has been moved to tears on several occasions over the plight of youngsters orphaned in the Syrian conflict,” the source says. “Now that she has sorted out her health issues, she and Brad believe the time is right to adopt another orphan from there, most likely a daughter.”

Left to right: Maddox, Shiloh, Pax (with bear), Zahara, Vivienne and Knox enjoyed a day out with their mum in Sydney last year.

Meanwhile, Brad has raised eyebrows after photos emerged of him sneaking off his latest film set to light a cigarette. Many have viewed his actions as distasteful given that his wife publicly urges others to be mindful about how they can reduce their risk of cancer. Smoking is, of course, the leading cause of lung cancer. Both actors have been vocal about their struggles to give up smoking – something they’re said to turn to when under pressure or stress.

Just last December, Angelina was seen smoking on an Australian hotel balcony after what looked like a heated discussion with Brad. It’s a habit both stars say they would like to kick for good – and something they’d be horrified to see their children pick up.

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