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Adele’s New Zealand concerts set to earn $20m

The singer’s three sold out shows could be huge earners for the star.
Adele set to earn up to $20 million from New Zealand shows

Singing sensation Adele could make as much as $20 million from her three sold out Auckland shows, and that’s just from ticket sales alone, a music business expert has claimed.

Last week tickets for the British star’s first two shows sold out within a record-breaking twenty-three minutes. Tickets for her third gig, announced on Thursday, also sold out, with tickets being snapped up by happy fans in less than two hours.

All up more than 100,000 tickets were sold over three days, leading a Kiwi music business source to suggest to NZME Adele and her team could walk away with as much as $20m all up from the sold out gigs.

“I would expect ticket sales for the three shows would gross in the region of about $25m,” the source said. “It is possible Adele would get about $18m from that once overheads are paid.

“These days it is not unusual for artists to get about seventy five percent or more of the net ticket sales.”

Merchandise from the shows could also net the singer around another $2m.

While there’s no doubt the singer is hugely popular, she’s also got plenty of across the board appeal which boosts her audience base significantly.

“Adele has struck it lucky as there are some big concerts happening in New Zealand this year and next by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Guns N’ Roses and Coldplay, which tend to attract a baby boomer audience,” the source said. “Adele also attracts older music fans but she appeals to a younger crowd too.”

The source also commented the star had chosen just the right moment to make tickets to the shows available because with Christmas being so close, some would have probably bought tickets as gifts.

At this stage there isn’t any word from promoters if a fourth show will be added.

Adele will perform on March 23, 25 and 26 at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium.

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