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Adele shocks impersonators with hilarious prank

With the help of Graham Norton, the pop queen had her impersonators seeing double.

Adele shocked a group of impersonators when she took to the stage disguised by a fake nose and posh accent.

With Graham Norton’s help, the singer infiltrated an ‘Adele’ singing competition, pretending to be a nanny called Jenny. The star was unrecognisable with a new chin and smaller lips, wearing gloves to cover her tattoos.

“You look so not like yourself,” said Norton.

Adele waited backstage with the impersonators, making small talk and getting in a few cheeky digs about herself for good measure.

“Can’t wait for the new album,” one impersonator says.

“She’s taking her time,” says Adele disguised as Jenny.

“Try saying that to her face!” says the impersonator.

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Adele feigns nerves backstage, saying she feels “quite sick” and “a bit dizzy”, leaning on an impersonator for support. When she takes to the stage in front of the other impersonators, she misses her cue and asks the production crew to start the background track again.

But as soon as she starts singing, there’s no mistaking her true identity. Her audience of impersonators gets excited and teary, watching their idol perform.

“You are joking me …it’s her, that is her,” one says.

“Oh my God, it’s unreal,” says another.

“It was just beautiful, beautiful,” another adds with tears in her eyes.

Adele’s new album 25 was released on Friday, featuring her hit single Hello.

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