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Abby gets her guy!

The One News sports reporter and her golf coach groom partied into 2016 by tying the knot in Havelock North

When the celebrant begins a wedding by snapping a selfie with the bride and groom, you know you’re in for a non-traditional day.

Standing in front of her soon-to-be-husband, golf coach Guy Wilson (35), as their good friend and celebrant Matty McLean takes the picture on his cell phone, One News reporter Abby Scott (31) couldn’t be happier with the turn of events.

It’s a cloudy and slightly chilly New Year’s Eve in Havelock North, and around 80 guests have gathered outside the Hawke’s Bay home of Abby’s parents, David and Robyn,

to see Guy and Abby – or “Gabby”, as they call themselves – tie the knot.

But the couple – who famously got engaged last year during a One News interview thanks to a bet Guy made with former student, world number-one golfer Lydia Ko – are determined to put their own swing on things.

“We didn’t want to make our day normal,” begins Guy as Abby adds, “And we didn’t want to do something just because it’s the ‘done thing’ at

a wedding – we wanted things that Guy and Abby would do!”

Indeed, their big day starts out as untraditional as it will end. The bride and groom have shunned the notion of spending the night apart and took a trip up to Te Mata Peak together that morning. “Guy is the one who settles my nerves and puts things into perspective,” says Abby. “I’ve grown to rely on him for that. Without seeing him in the morning, I would have felt lost. And also, I honestly thought he’d be a blubbering mess if he hadn’t seen me beforehand!”

However, after their relaxed morning, it is soon time for the down-to-earth pair to get ready for their twilight ceremony. Guy and his best man and brother Tay depart the house to suit up – Tay in a “plan B” outfit as his specially tailored Hugo Boss suit is still stranded in a Melbourne drycleaners.

Meanwhile, Abby and her maid-of-honour and sister Sarah sip Champagne, while bridesmaid Joy Reid, who is six months pregnant, opts for sparkling grape juice. Their hair and make-up is done, just as the bride returns inside after making sure the archway she and Guy made is in the perfect spot.

“It’s definitely been a bit of a DIY wedding, which has been awesome,” she says as she settles down with her laptop to put the finishing touches on the reception playlist.

“We’ve had help from some amazingly talented friends.” The nerves have been kept at bay all morning, but as the time comes to slip on her Corina Snow gown, helped by Sarah and Joy, Abby admits

to a few butterflies.

Instead of waiting until after the ceremony to have their photos taken, Guy and Abby have opted to have them beforehand so, with their eyes tightly shut, they are both led out to the backyard where they stand back-to-back.

“Three, two, one, turn around!” the photographer cries, and the bride and groom see each other for the first time. “Actually, we cheated on that part a little too,” Abby grins. “I had bought the dress ages ago, but I wasn’t sure if Guy would like it, so I tried it on for him. But seeing each other on the day was something different. He looks very handsome.”

“And you look a million trillion dollars, as opposed to just a million,” Guy adds.

After a few snaps amongst the long grass Abby’s dad grew especially for the ceremony – “He had neighbours asking him if the lawnmower was broken,” laughs Abby – the first few guests begin to trickle in and it’s time to head into the house to prepare for the big moment.

The first strains of You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne begin, and the beautiful bride, following her two bridesmaids, makes her way out of the house on David’s arm. “My dad’s a very practical man – I think we were actually talking about the septic tank when we first started walking! Mum was going on about how she wanted to cover it up or something. But then we got closer and my stomach was churning. I was trying hard not to look at Guy because all of the emotions came at once.”

Reaching the end of the aisle, after a quick peck on the cheek from David, Abby turns to Guy and the pair break into huge grins – and there may be just a tear or two in Guy’s eyes.

“Nah, it was hay fever,” he says later. “Bad pollen this year…”

Matty, Abby’s long-time colleague at TVNZ, welcomes the guests and takes his selfie – “Well, I had to, didn’t I?!” he exclaims, referring to Guy and Abby’s love of taking photos.

“True love is a big deal and these two are committed to giving it the respect it deserves. “Good marriage is built on the foundation of this commitment. In marriage, the little things are the big things – it’s never being too old to hold hands, to stand together and face the world.

“I’ve known Abby for almost nine years now,” says Matty (who came out in 2007). “If you put that into perspective, when we first met she wasn’t that into golf, and I had just broken up with a girl. So a lot can change in nine years!”

After Abby’s good friend Julia Bryant performs the reading “I Like You”, it’s finally time for their deeply personal and funny vows, which Abby and Guy have written themselves. In them, they both promise to be worth it – worth the effort, worth the trip and worth the energy. They promise that the other will always count, will always come first and to continue to make life an adventure. “You are my equal in all things,” says Guy, “my everything and my happily ever after.

“I will communicate my love for you across multiple platforms and never take my frustrations of a bad day out on you, no matter how useless my last client was. I will support you and stand by you – even when you promise me you still have more money from work to buy clothes, I will believe you.”

In return, Abby promises to “believe in you, support you and stand by you – even if the Warriors miss out on the premiership for the 21st year!” And then, they both declare that they choose each other – over all others, to share happiness with, to care for and to become family.

“I choose you to grow old with, I choose you to love forever.” After the rings are exchanged, Matty then asks if Guy Fraser Wilson and Andrea Morgan Scott – Abby’s legal name – take each other as husband and wife. “I do,” they both confirm. “It’s my great honour to pronounce you husband and wife,” Matty grins. “You may kiss the bride!”

“It was such an amazing ceremony,” Abby says later. “Matty set the tone not only for the day, but for our marriage.” And with the formalities over, it’s time to party. With the guests now seated in the neighbouring apple-packing shed, Guy and Abby make their grand entrance as husband and wife – on a golf cart, taking a selfie. Guests dine on burgers and tacos – with each taco basket lined with a fake newspaper sheet, documenting Abby and Guy’s relationship story – and dance their way into the new year, while the new Mr and Mrs Wilson take a few moments to reflect on their big day.

As fireworks are let off to mark the exact moment of the new year, the couple say it’s the perfect start to their marriage. “I do feel a little overwhelmed by the wedding experience,” says Abby, “but I wouldn’t be doing it with anyone else.” “Oh, that’s helpful!” Guy exclaims, laughing. “We’ve been together for so long, I know our relationship isn’t going to change much, but it just really feels like we’re in this together now.” “And we know that marriages aren’t always fairytales, but we’re both practical people and that’s what reassures me,” Abby adds.

“My grandfather and grandmother were married 63 years – and my grandmother told me that Guy was a keeper. So he made the cut. “Oh, God that was a golf pun, wasn’t it?” an aghast Abby asks, and Guy roars with laughter.

“We’re so married now!”

Celebrant Matty’s pre-ceremony selfie.

The colourful wedding invitation

Matty pronounces Abby and Guy husband and wife.

‘In marriage, the little things are the big things – it’s never being too old to hold hands, to stand together and face the world’

Abby’s ring is presented on a golf ball; jandals for dancing;The Cherry Cake Company wedding cakes include banana and salted caramel (Guy’s fave) and peanut butter and chocolate (Abby’s choice).

The reception at a neighbouring apple-packing shed.

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