Meet the NZ skincare founder on a quest for glowing skin

Why Jo Lehndorf takes a simple, tailored approach to skincare

By Hemma Vara
Jo Lehndorf
LoveSkin founder Jo Lehndorf is a wealth of knowledge on TikTok, sharing valuable skincare advice with her 17-thousand-strong following. Tackling common misconceptions about oily skin, acne and more, Jo's passion for skincare stems from her struggles with milia and acne. Seven years ago, she created LoveSkin after plant-based oils transformed her skin.
"I wanted to learn more about how and why these oils had worked so well for my skin when hundreds of products I'd tried and been prescribed or recommended previously hadn't", explains Jo.
LoveSkin's sensitive skin ritual: Tui Facial cleanser, Kakara Toning Rose mist and Waiwai facial serum
LoveSkin's vegan-friendly and pregnancy-safe products are made from natural and organic ingredients, harnessing the benefits of plant-based oils to repair the skin's barrier. These oils closely resemble the skin's natural oil or sebum, a protective barrier that locks in moisture and keeps out dirt and bacteria. When the barrier is damaged, acne, blackheads, and irritations like sensitivity and eczema can occur. However, by using plant-based oils to repair this barrier, Jo says that "90% of skin conditions improve and ultimately repair altogether".
To help customers achieve glowing skin as simply as possible, LoveSkin offers a three-step skincare ritual consisting of the gentle Tui Oil cleanser, soothing Kakara Toning Rose mist and a moisturising serum tailored to your specific skin concern: dry/mature, acne-prone/combination or sensitive skin.
LoveSkin Arohanui Facial serum for dry/mature skin
Easy to use, these rituals are perfect for people like Jo, who prefer a low-maintenance and natural approach to skincare. The products can be purchased individually or in a set, and there's even a range of minis if you want to sample the products first or take them travelling.
Jo tells me that customers who have struggled with their skin for years are often amazed at how quickly they notice improvements after adopting a LoveSkin ritual. The brand's most popular product is the Arohanui facial serum for dry or mature skin. Jo recommends this serum for those hesitant to dive straight into a three-step routine but want to achieve glowing, gorgeous skin.
After learning that many of her customers' partners were taking a liking to LoveSkin's products, Jo created Mana, a skincare range for men that consists of a Hero Facial oil and Haul Over balm (also available as a duo gift set).
It's evident that Jo's passion for guiding people on simple, natural skincare journeys is behind LoveSkin's success. As you'll learn from her TikTok videos, many people who think they have oily, dry or sensitive skin actually have a damaged barrier that needs repair. "I like to think of LoveSkin as your skincare soulmate because when you find the one, you just glow", says Jo.
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