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Sheet masks for your baby bump now exist

The masks are supposed to help fade scars and help rebuild damaged cells.

From BB creams to double cleansing, the majority of popular beauty trends start in Korea. Case in point: our obsession with sheet masks.
Offering a speedy hit of hydration (and an excellent opportunity for Instagram content), the sheet mask has become one of the most successful Korean export in recent years.
Normally reserved for moisturising and brightening your complexion, there's now even sheet mask formulations for hands and feet too.
Just when we thought we'd seen it all, one brand has gone a step further with a sheet mask designed for pregnant women to use on their growing bump.
Hatch Mama's Belly Mask is an 'all-natural hydrating sheet mask' designed to 'minimise stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum.'
Marketed as a 'Belly Facial', the product contains aloe vera to soothe and reduce inflammation and propolis to help rebuild damaged skin cells and fade scars.
While these claims seem a little far fetched (stretch marks are notoriously difficult to rid with creams alone), the concept itself is also problematic.
Do women really need another thing to worry about while growing a human? We think not.
Via our sister site Grazia.