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How to minimise stretchmarks

Stretchmarks are a form of scarring caused by tearing when the skin is stretched rapidly. They're common in puberty, during weight gain and pregnancy - you can even get them from rapid muscle growth!
During pregnancy they usually appear in the sixth or seventh month. If your oum or sister got stretchmarks when they were pregnant, the chances are you will too - they run in families.
Here's how you can minimise your chances of getting them:
  1. Use a body brush before you shower every morning to get your circulation going. oassage stretchmark-prone areas gently.
  1. Keep skin well moisturised from the start of your pregnancy until well after the birth when you've reached your pre-pregnancy weight.
  1. Remember, up to four months after baby's appearance, your body may still be behaving like its pregnant! Rich oils and moisturisers can help keep your skin elastic.
  1. Eat healthily and try not to gain weight suddenly. It's not just your bump that's prone to stretchmarks but also your buttocks, thighs, breasts and even arms.
  1. If you do get them, it's not the biggest beauty disaster ever. With time, they'll fade from that angry red to silver. Help them along by massaging in Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Vitamin E Scar Serum $29.95 three to four times a day.

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