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This magazine is dedicated entirely to redheads

Redheads rejoice: there’s a new magazine that’s dedicated just to you and your fiery mane.

A magazine called MC1R is celebrating all things ginger, by devoting its pages to those of us blessed with red-hued hair.
The journal, that names itself after one of the key proteins that give people their striking red locks, is entirely centred on the “culture of red hair.”
Founded by Tristan Rodgers, a 31-year-old student from Hamburg, the magazine apparently started as a photography project, and then became a larger deal.
After crowdfunding in order to print the journal, and after two years he finally managed to make the idea a reality.

Already onto the fifth issue, the periodical is a great representation of colourings that often get a lot of stick in mainstream media.
“Redheads are one of the smallest minorities all over the world and they have this special look which almost everyone reacts to,” says Tristan.
“We know that being a redhead is something special, and the topic deserves to be thoroughly explored.”
The first and only magazine to focus solely on this subject, the mag contains contemporary art and fashion editorials, interviews with prolific artists and designers, everyday stories, current events and real life gingers.
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