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Susan Boyle

The Scottish singing sensation is known for her tears and tantrums, but it was sobs of joy Susan Boyle was crying when fans threw her a surprise birthday party in Japan to celebrate her 49th birthday.

The ‘Wild Horses’ singer is currently in Tokyo promoting her album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and during one performance, her admirers brought out a cake and lunched into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ that left Susan in tears.

Such was the dedication of her fans, they flew from all across the globe to see Su-Bo play. one attendee tells, “This started out as a small idea. A couple of us asked if anyone wanted to go to see Susan sing in Japan and before long, it became a big group of us from all over the world. one of the group flew over from Australia for a day to buy the tickets because you could only get them in Japan.”

Guests donned Susan’s trademark red scarf and also showered her with gifts – although nothing left her quite as stunned as the $13,000 bracelet that her label boss Simon Cowell had sent to the venue. our source says, “She had seen the bracelet in a magazine and said, ‘Gosh, imagine owning something like that.’ So Simon tracked it down.”

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