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Simon Cowell hints at marriage

Music mogul Simon Cowell has hinted that he may marry his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Simon said he wouldn’t want Lauren to raise the child on her own.
"I wouldn't expect Lauren to be a single mother," the British star said during the radio interview.
But although he’s prepared to support Lauren when the baby is born, he told Ryan he’s refusing to go into the delivery room. “Are you out of your mind? There are certain things you shouldn't see and that is one of them,” he joked.
The X Factor USA starts on New Zealand screens this Thursday, and Simon revealed he is keen to impart some of his trademark cynicism on his future child.
“Obviously, I would have to make sure the baby has an English accent," he joked. “I said to Lauren, 'What if I just play me on tape while the baby is sleeping, so the baby can hear me and have a British accent, and his first words will be, 'You're absolutely useless."

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