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Shock news: Kate Moss eats!

Rumour has it skinny supermodel Kate Moss had to cancel her planned New Year trip to Thailand because she ate and drank too much during the Christmas period and is now too ill to travel!

The British style icon reportedly dined on such festive delicacies as rich Christmas pudding and slow-roasted turkey. Kate then began drinking and didn’t stop until 10am on Boxing Day.

The mum-of-one was soon told by her boyfriend Jamie Hince that she was not allowed to fly. Kate was devastated by the stern telling-off but agreed to the cancellation when Jamie promised they’d still go away at a later date.

However, because of the late change of plans, the svelte beauty has been forced to fork out extra dosh for new flights and a non-refundable hotel room. Kate’s referring to her illness as her “£20,000 hangover”!

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