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Pamela Anderson: Baywatch was the best years of my life

The original poster girl for fake breasts and the bleach blond hair, Pamela Anderson admits that since her lifesaving days on beach, life has gone downhill.

The buxom blonde, who played lifeguard CJ Parker in ‘Baywatch’ for five years, loved running around in her tiny red swimsuit. It’s all been downhill from Baywatch,” says Pammy (43). “I got to go to the beach with my dog and kids, I was in a bathing suit in the sun, which is my dream, and I was getting paid for it, which was fantastic.”

Since Baywatch ended, Pamela divorced her rocker husband Tommy Lee for good and Pamela says getting over her first husband, who she has sons Brandon (14) and Dylan (12) with, was the hardest thing she’s ever done.

“The worst has to be the hard last five to ten years getting over my first marriage,” says Pammie. “Everyone only wants to be married once and it was a struggle putting my kids through a hard time with the divorce but hopefully I’ve come out the other side. Everything is looking up!”

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