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Megan Fox hopes for a long career

She has been on the world stage since starring in the first ‘Transformers’ movie in 2007 but Megan Fox never takes her fame for granted. of her hopes for a long acting career, the sexy star says”If I’m lucky enough. I mean, I would love the opportunity to do that. But that’s not really up to me; that’s up to the world.”

Megan recently announced she would not be returning to the ‘Transformers’ series for its third installment. oany blamed the feud Megan had with director Michael Bay, but Megan insists that she is not a controversial figure and left of her own accord.

“I don’t feel like I’ve ever necessarily said anything that was provocative,” says Megan. “I think that people take relatively innocent statements and turn them into provocative things. People have no idea how to react. It’s not that the statement itself is outrageous.”

‘Transformers’ aside, Megan is keeping herself busy, with two new films due for release shortly. The recently engaged star will star as a prostitute in the Western movie ‘Jonah Hex’, while in ‘Passion Play’ opposite oickey Rourke, she plays a winged circus performer.

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