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Married At First Sight's Andrew rejected by Cheryl - but was it a set up?

He went in for the kiss, and what happened next was more painful to watch than a runaway bride.

This week's episode of Married At First Sight saw the brides go to their grooms’ hometowns to get a glimpse of their world.
Cheryl and Andrew re-entered the competition last week after both of their original matches didn’t work out.
The new couple's home visit started well, but things became awkward when the 38-year-old firefighter had to explain to his friends and family that Cheryl was not in fact the girl he married in front of only a few weeks ago.
His mum and sister were understandably shocked, but nonetheless welcomed Cheryl into their home.
“I'm surprised, but pleasantly surprised,” Andrew’s mum said. "I think Cheryl's a great match for Andrew," she continued.
Andrew later revealed that he wanted to have his first kiss with Cheryl, so he set up a romantic picnic on the beach.
He then whipped out a guitar, and sang a song he wrote for her while she was in the shower, but she didn’t look impressed. After he serenaded her, she told him the song was “really cute".
Andrew's mum and sister were shocked to see the woman he brought home was not his original bride Lauren.
Andrew tried to seal the deal with a smooch and while Cheryl went with it initially, she then pulled away, and told him straight out: “I don't want to kiss you”.
Andrew was clearly upset, and told the camera it was “frustrating” and "f-----" that Cheryl wasn’t affectionate, while she told producers that the kiss was “too much” for her and that she wanted to move slowly after what happened with her and Jonathan.
But in an unexpected plot twist, Andrew has spoken out about his apparent rejection and claims he was stitched up by the show's producers and what we actually saw was just clever editing.
Phony footage? On a reality show? Never!
“It’s a TV show guys. I don’t usually read this stuff but… that was our third take. We were mucking around at that stage," he wrote on the Married At First Sight Facebook page.
“Her comment re the kiss was taken from her wedding with Jonathon. See if her lips move when she says it. Reality shows 101," he added.
The unlucky-in-love larrikin also claims his heartfelt ditty wasn't even his idea. Oh the reality TV betrayal!
In response to fans teasing him over his singing, Andrew revealed: "You're spot on with the song though. Not my idea again."
Andrew was left feeling rejected...
But was it all just clever editing?
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