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Jennifer Aniston reunites with estranged mum

They haven’t talked since 1996, but Jennifer Aniston has decided to bury the hatchet with her mother Nancy after the older woman was admitted to hospital following a fall.

The former ‘Friends’ actress (41) cut her mother out of her life over 10 years ago, after Nancy spilled the beans on her famous daughter’s private life on a TV show. While the two managed to reconcile again after Jen’s split from Brad Pitt in 2005, their relationship remained strained.

However, following Nancy’s fall, where she tripped and fractured her hip and femur, Jen stepped up to cover her mother’s hospital bills and has been working at mending their relationship.

A source reports, “When Jen got word of her mum’s catastrophic fall, she contacted Nancy’s doctors and made sure all of her medical costs were taken care of. There are unresolved issues, but Jen loves her mum. She wants a healthy relationship and felt the least she could do was help Nancy in her time of need.”

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