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Jacko’s wacko money-making scheme

Michael Jackson has come up with a novel way to clear his massive debt – by charging fans up to $5000 each to spend 30 seconds with him. The singer, who is allegedly suffering debts of $480 million, will travel to Tokyo in February to attend the “fan appreciation events”, where he is set to charge 30 fans for the privilege of his company. Despite his debts, the singer was recently pictured shopping in Las Vegas, reportedly spending thousands of pounds on “impulse buys”. Meanwhile, Janet Jackson has revealed how out of touch she is with ordinary life. The singer tells how she didn’t know what a shopping trolley was when she went to a supermarket – because she hadn’t been in one for decades. She admits, “A few years back oissy Elliott and I went to the grocery store. I kept going ‘What’s this?’ First of all I had the cart and I was riding down the aisles, standing on it. And we got to the checkout and there’s this square thing and I’m like, ‘What’s this, you guys?’ And oissy just looked at me. They said, ‘That’s so you can use your credit card.’ And I said, ‘You can use your credit card in grocery stores now?’ And oissy cracked up laughing. She thought it was the funniest thing.” [31 January 2007]

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