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Hilary Swank:

‘Conviction’ actress Hilary Swank has revealed some parents stopped their children from playing with her when she was young because she was poor. The oscar-winning star grew up in a trailer park with her mother, and says she was often banned from playing with other children in her neighbourhood. “I had a roof over my head and my mum worked hard to make sure there was food on the table, but the parents of the neighbourhood kids wouldn’t let them play with me,” says Hilary. “They would tell them, ‘It’s time to come in’ if they were with me, or if I was at their houses, it would be, ‘Hilary you need to leave.'” Hilary (36) says she didn’t understand the prejudice or why the parents went out of their way to isolate her. “I didn’t understand because I didn’t know there was this kind of stereotype about people who live in trailer parks. I look back now at those parents who were in their mid-thirties – the age I am now – and I think, ‘How could you do that to a child?’ It’s not something I understand but I try and have compassion for whatever their insecurities were.”

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