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Cliff blows up at Gordon

Gordon Ramsay tricked Sir Cliff Richard into bad-mouthing his own wine on TV – which provoked mild-mannered Cliff swear at the chef. The stunt happened on Gordon’s TV show, `The F Word’, in which he invited the 65-year-old Peter Pan of Pop – who produces wine from his vineyards in Portugal – to take part in a wine tasting challenge. Gordon tells, “Cliff’s got this vineyard in Portugal that he’s obsessed with, he’s crushing grapes and all the rest. So we had this brilliant wine tasting challenge. He thought that one of the wines was amazing. of course it was, it was £400 a bottle. Then we got to one which I told him was a £12.99 wine. He said, ‘That’s rubbish! I wouldn’t pay for that. It’s tainted, it tastes like vinaigrette. I’d never even buy that.'” Then Gordon delivered the killer blow. “I said, ‘Cliff, that’s your own wine!’ and he went bananas. He bent over and whispered in my ear, ‘F*** yourself’.” Never one to let a good feud fizzle out, Gordon adds, “We’re now using the wine in the vinaigrette at my restaurant in Claridges – it is tremendous with tuna. But I don’t tell my customers it’s made with Cliff’s wine!” [12 June 2006]

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