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Brooke Shields bitten by lion!

She's been stranded on a desert island and famously fell out with Tom Cruise, but nothing could prepare Brooke Shields for being bitten on the bum by a lion! The 'Furry Vengeance' actress has revealed a ferocious feline once sunk its teeth into her rear end.
Brooke recalls, "oy worst animal encounter was on a movie in South Africa, 'Running Wild'. At one point, I turned my back on a lioness and she tackled me to the ground. She was totally tame but she bit my butt. I'm sure for her it was like, 'Yum, prime beef.' That was pretty traumatic, but I didn't get a scar. As for the lioness, she doesn't write, she doesn't call... Nothing. It was a bite and run!"
Still, Brooke says the lion's bite was nothing in comparison to the shock she gets nowadays when she looks in the mirror. "I keep thinking I'm younger than I am," the 44-year-old confesses. "The other day, I was working with a photographer to recreate an image we had done years ago. When I saw my face, I kind of went, 'What is that?' I assumed I was going to look the same and I didn't. It was a shock to my system."

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