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Toni Street’s surprise at the amount of hair her 3rd baby has: “I need to get him a medallion!”

It's got a little Mohawk!
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This week has been an exciting week for Toni Street, with her surrogate and best friend Sophie Braggins travelling up from New Plymouth to Auckland for her baby’s 30-week scan.

Toni excitedly revealed on The Hits breakfast show that not only is the baby – a boy – shaping up to be large, he also has something his sisters weren’t born with – a lot of hair!

“It was quite shocking and different to my first two babies,” Toni shared. “The lady kept going, ‘Wow this boy’s got a lot of hair’ and then she pointed to this little line on the scan and it had a little Mohawk!”

Toni joked, “I need to get him a medallion.”

She said her daughters, Juliette, five, and Mackenzie, three, were both born “bald” so she’s had to adjust her thinking around what to expect when her third child is born. She attributed the thick shock of hair to husband Matt France: “It’s Matt’s Greek genes.”

Toni also revealed on the radio show that the baby was in the 75th percentile for size.

“It’s going to be a large baby… That’s quite good because large babies usually sleep better.”

She said the baby boy was “a week ahead” of where he was projected in growth.

Earlier this week Toni revealed that the nursery was ready. “Next step of the baby boy nursery,” she captioned an image of their baby boy’s waiting room.

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Sophie Braggins offered to carry Toni and Matt’s third child for them because Toni suffers from the autoimmune disease Churg-Strauss and is unable to carry any more children. She is due in August.

Toni and Sophie have been close friends since intermediate school and shared their incredible story about their friendship and the surrogacy with NEXT magazine earlier this year.

Toni plans on taking six months’ maternity leave to care for the couple’s newborn baby boy. She announced the pregnancy via Instagram in February.

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