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Laura and Martin Guptill knocked for six by baby Harley

An exclusive look inside their picture perfect home life with adorable baby Harley.
'"It's a love like you've never known."

By Kelly Bertrand
At this time of year, the sound of summer test cricket on the telly is a constant in Kiwi homes – and the house of Martin Guptill and Laura McGoldrick is no exception. But this year there are new noises vying for the attention of the cricket mad Auckland couple – the quiet coos and cries of a little baby girl.
Wee Harley Louise Guptill - the firstborn child of Black Cap batting legend Martin and his cricket broadcaster wife Laura - was welcomed into the world on October 4th this year, and this week exclusive photos of the darling tot appear in Woman's Day.
Besotted mum Laura, 28, declares, "It's a love like you've never known," and she loves Harley "with every fibre of my being".
And proud dad Martin, 31, agrees. "I just looked at this little bundle of joy and thought, 'Whoa, you're actually mine.'"

Martin is also full of praise for Laura, who had to parent Harley solo when a week after her birth, her husband had to leave to play cricket in India for almost a month.
"I knew from the get-go Laura would be amazing, and she is," he says.

Martin regrettably suffered a hamstring injury shortly after his return to New Zealand, and although he says there is "never a good time for an injury" when you're a sportsman, having some extra time with his darling daughter was a "silver lining".
For the full story of Martin and Laura's baby news and gorgeous photos of Harley, see this week's Woman's Day.

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