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Daisy Dagg on her second pregnancy - 'It was a bloody shock'

It wasn't planned, but Israel and Daisy Dagg are over the moon to be expecting a little girl.

By Emma Land
It was speculated back in November that All Black Israel Dagg and his wife Daisy were expecting another baby - and now Daisy has finally officially confirmed the news, describing it as "a bloody shock".
The 30-year-old made the announcement via Instagram today, saying that although it wasn't planned, they are super happy and can't wait to meet the new addition to their family.
Still, in a thought that will make most mothers cringe, she was only not pregnant for four months after having their first child Arlo back in April last year.
"Yup I'm 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl arriving in May", she posted. "It was a bloody shock, wasn't planned, was only not pregnant for 4 months and there will be a 13 month gap between them. But....we are super happy and can't wait to meet the next wee addition to our fast growing family".

High-school sweethearts Israel and Daisy married in December 2014 after nine years together. They were keen to start a family straight away, but took the advice of friends to enjoy at least a year of married life before trying for a baby.
They welcomed baby Arlo in April 2017, with 29-year-old Israel telling Woman's Day at the time "Daisy's an amazing mum. I'm pretty proud of her".

He was quite open about originally wanting a "little princess".
"A boy loves his mum forever, but when he gets to about 12, he's too cool for his dad. But I'm actually super-stoked – he can hang out with his dad and do cool things."

And while it's perhaps a little sooner than expected, at least Israel can now look forward to welcoming his much longed for little girl.
Congratulations Israel, Daisy and little Arlo!