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Anika Moa has given birth to a baby girl on her wedding anniversary with wife Natasha Utting

Could the day be more special?!

Congratulations to Anika Moa and wife Natasha Utting who have become the proud parents of a baby girl. Anika gave birth to Marigold Tui Grace Utting-Moa on Monday February 18, which also happened to be the couple's wedding anniversary - making the day even more special.
The happy news was announced on Instagram with the words "our light and our star is here".
Marigold is Anika and Natasha's first child together and she came early. She was due on March 8.
"When I conceived, I just knew this baby was going to be a girl," said the 39-year-old musician and TV presenter. "And for the whole pregnancy, I've been really in tune with her."
Anika and Natasha, 43, were so sure of it they went shopping for baby girls' clothing before the gender was even confirmed.
Natasha, a journalist and producer, told Woman's Day that a little girl was "much wanted by everyone" because she came from a family of many boys - 13 in her generation.
Knowing that the first child she's ever carried would be a girl was important for Anika too.
"I made this baby in my body and the fact that it's a girl is so lovely," she said.

Anika has wanted to carry a baby for a long time, but life and circumstances got in the way.
"When I married my first wife, she was older than me so she got dibs on being the one to have the twins. Then when I met Natasha, she was already four months pregnant!"
It took her longer than she had expected to conceive.
"I tried with my first donor for about a year and half, and nothing happened. I just couldn't get pregnant, so finally I decided to try another way," explains Anika.
Natasha suggested using her donor, who is Soren's father, and he said yes straight away.
"He got me pregnant first pop with a $10 syringe."