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Top 40 baby names for 2018 so far

There's a little royal's name in there, of course - but it might not be the one you'd expect!

Choosing the perfect name for your perfect baby is a tough job so if you need some inspiration, here is a list of the 40 top baby names for 2018.
The list - which consists of 20 girls names and 20 boys names - was compiled by Babygaga, who analysed trends in baby names from the last couple of years.
One of the little royals' names appears... Charlotte came in second on the girls names list - but her royal brothers' names, George and Louis, were both conspicuously absent.
Still, it's early days yet for Louis, and George does feature on other larger lists. Here are the names, prepare to be inspired:

Top 20 girls names for 2018

Top 20 boys names for 2018