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Tooth Fairy cost soars as kids receive as much as $40 per tooth

It's one of those childhood traditions most of us remember fondly, but is the cost of the tooth fairy getting out of control?

Tooth fairy
How much does your tooth fairy bring in the night?
In a recent study of 1000 parents, some mums and dads admitted giving up to $40 per tooth - a 289 per cent rise on what they themselves received as kids.
The survey, conducted by Jack N'Jill kids, discovered that despite parents having only received an average of 91 cents per tooth when they were young, some were happy to shell out massively for their little ones.
Understandably, plenty of parents were outraged by the state of 'tooth fairy inflation,' with one mum commenting; "Seriously, this is crazy - then the kids talk and compare, and that opens a whole other can of worms. Parents need to wise up."
But others insisted that it's an individual decision based on the parents financial situation and principles. Mum Lydia said: "Live and let live. It's none of anyone else's business really."
And while some parents were really taking things to extremes, the good news is that the vast majority were more conservative in their donations. The average across the board was a donation of $2.82 - a number that doesn't meet inflation (if it did it would be at $7.55 per tooth.)
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