Parent's warning over popular teething toy

A popular child’s toy has sparked warnings this week.

Teething toy
A popular child’s toy has sparked warnings this week, after some parents noted that it could become a breeding ground for black mould.
The Sophie the Giraffe toy, available from online store Amazon, has become a talking point for parents – after reviewers shared a warning to others that the design means mould can easily flourish.
Reviewer Stephanie Oprea posted a one star warning to the Amazon page, writing that “if you have a drooly baby, moisture will get into the hole and you will end up with mould! We had ours for two years and the entire inside is coated with black mould.”
Other comments on the page seem to agree that Sophie has a propensity to get mouldy, with Andrea writing: “Cut mine open after having it a few months and is full of mould I would not recommend this product.”
The French created product is designed for little ones who are teething, and is also meant to squeak.
Sophie the Giraffe
Not one to shy away from controversy, blogger Scary Mommy suggested the issue is actually proper cleaning, and not the toy design in itself.
“It’s shocking and disgusting, but again, shouldn’t come as a huge surprise… … it’s not Sophie’s fault she gets mouldy. She just needs a proper cleaning, like any other plastic or rubber toy with a hole in it that your baby regularly gums on.”
The mum suggests soaking Sophie in vinegar and water, putting her through the dishwasher or in basin of boiling water.
The UK branch of the company told Metro UK that they have one of the “longest child safety records of any toy on the market.”
In 2016, parents were up in arms about a particular brand of Sippy cup that were found to have the tendency to grow mould.
A horrified father discovered the mould after noticing his child was constantly getting ill. A friend of the family then shared the news on Facebook for other parents to see.